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Tue Apr 2024

The Oxton Liqueur Company

Nestled within the verdant landscapes of Nottinghamshire, the Oxton Liqueur Company’s tale is one of serendipity and communal spirit, blossoming from the warmth of the kitchen table—a place where friendships deepen and great ideas take root. This venture sprouted from an annual tradition among friends, gathering to share and savour the latest batches of their homemade fruit liqueurs. Among these, Christopher’s concoctions stood out, a testament to his knack for capturing the essence of fruit in a bottle.

The journey took a significant turn at a local Christmas fair, where the reception to their liqueurs was nothing short of overwhelming. This moment of acclaim hinted at a path less travelled, steering them towards a venture full of promise and excitement. It was a clear departure from a hobby to a passionate pursuit, marking the beginning of an adventure that would soon carve a niche for the Oxton Liqueur Company in the hearts of liqueur enthusiasts, further embellished by their ability to personalize bottles, adding a layer of exclusivity and sentimentality to each purchase.

In the time that followed, the company swiftly built a reputation for crafting liqueurs that were not only bursting with fruitiness but also remarkably smooth—a signature trait that quickly became associated with the Oxton brand. The fruits, wherever feasible, are sourced locally, plucked from the bounty of Nottinghamshire’s lush orchards and wild hedgerows, ensuring a taste that’s as fresh as it is authentic. Christopher, with a magician’s touch, then embarks on the meticulous process of transforming these fruits into liqueurs. After months of refining and a couple of crucial ‘family tastings’, the liqueurs are deemed ready for bottling and sharing with the world, their excellence underscored by an impressive collection of accolades, including 11 Great Taste Awards and 5 World Liqueur Awards—titles such as the World’s Best Rhubarb Gin in 2019, World’s Best Vodka in 2020, World’s Best Gin in 2022, and Best Scottish Whisky in 2023 proudly attest to the quality and innovation at the heart of Oxton’s creations.

From its inception, the Oxton Liqueur Company has been enveloped in a wave of support and enthusiasm—from the circle of friends who witnessed its humble beginnings to the family members who partake in the taste tests, and most importantly, the loyal customers whose appreciation and feedback have been the cornerstone of their success. This collective journey is buoyed by gratitude, a sentiment deeply ingrained in the ethos of the Oxton Liqueur Company. Their story is not just about the liqueurs they produce but about community, heritage, and the joy found in pursuing one’s passion.

The discovery of Oxton Liqueur Company by Isabel, our Director of Smiles and Customer Satisfaction at Top Hampers, during the Horse of the Year Show, and the subsequent introduction of their products into our range, is a chapter that intertwines our stories. It’s a reflection of shared values—of craftsmanship, family, and the pursuit of excellence. As we bring these exceptional liqueurs to our customers, we’re not just offering a product; we’re inviting them into a story of passion, community, and the simple joy of enjoying a well-crafted drink. Through this partnership, we celebrate the essence of what makes the Oxton Liqueur Company truly special, as we continue to support Christopher and his family’s endeavours, ensuring that every bottle enjoyed is a toast to creativity, dedication, and the ties that bind us all.

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