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Tue Apr 2024

Peper Harow

PeperHarow, established in 2013, epitomises British sophistication, supplying a global clientele with superior-quality socks, luxurious accessories, and distinguished gifts. With its distinctive, stylish designs, the brand caters to the contemporary tastes of both men and women. Taking its name from a Surrey parish renowned for its cricket heritage since 1727, PeperHarow is infused with the essence of British tradition.

Located in the picturesque borderlands of Surrey and Hampshire, PeperHarow is set against a backdrop of gentle slopes leading down to the River Wey, encapsulating the area’s tranquil beauty. The brand is committed to sustainability and excellence, employing cutting-edge knitting technology in the UK to produce its range. PeperHarow’s socks are celebrated for their unmatched comfort, crafted from the finest cotton and featuring a seamless toe design that enhances both comfort and longevity. Available in sizes catering to both men and women, these socks are ideal for any occasion, offering a luxurious indulgence for the feet or a considerate gift.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of PeperHarow’s ethos, with the factory partially powered by solar energy, contributing towards the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This commitment extends to ecological practices, including the sourcing of responsible yarns and the expansion of an organic and recycled cotton sock range. Packaging is selected for its environmental friendliness, ensuring recyclability.

The PeperHarow team operates closely, focusing on collaborative design and product creation with retailers in mind. Exceptional customer service and swift communication are key to the PeperHarow experience, reflecting the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

At Top Hampers, PeperHarow’s exquisite socks are a natural addition to our curated range of luxurious British products. Their inclusion in both our themed and bespoke hampers enhances the rich variety of premium offerings we proudly provide, embodying the essence of British luxury that defines our selection. 

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