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Tue Apr 2024


Duncan Napier’s legacy begins with a poignant tale of adversity and resilience. Born in 1831, his life started with the significant challenge of being left by his family shortly after birth. His formative years unfolded under the guardianship of an innkeeper and his wife, where he faced harsh treatment and conditions far from the warmth and care every child deserves. At the tender age of nine, Duncan’s path took him into an apprenticeship with a baker, a turning point that introduced him to a lifelong adversary: a persistent cough, triggered by the flour dust that filled the air of the bakery.

This adversity, however, planted the seeds of curiosity and determination. Guided by the wisdom of his mentor, John Hope, Duncan embarked on a journey of learning at 15, attending Scientific Botany classes. His newfound passion for the healing powers of herbs led him to the Edinburgh Botanical Society, where he not only deepened his knowledge but also discovered his calling. It was here that Duncan developed his famed Lobelia Cough Syrup, a remedy that would mark the beginning of his legacy as a herbalist. Recognising the impact of his discovery, Duncan opened his herbal shop on May 25, 1860, quickly becoming a beacon of hope and healing in Edinburgh, as people from all walks of life sought his natural cures.

Today, Napiers continues to embody Duncan’s vision, making natural healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. The company’s dedication to holistic wellness is reflected in its TRIED • TESTED • TRUSTED motto, guiding its efforts to develop herbal remedies that treat the entire person.

Embracing this legacy, Top Hampers has carefully selected a range of Napiers’ products for inclusion in its hampers. Highlights include the Magnesium Muscle & Sleep Cream, which offers relaxation and restorative benefits, and the array of specialist massage oils tailored to meet specific needs. The Beautiful Belly Oil provides nurturing care for expectant mothers, while the Joint Care Oil does what it says and provides relief from the discomforts of joint pain. Our testers have used in both in a warm bath and direct onto aching and inflexible joints. Further enhancing the wellness experience, Top Hampers also features Napiers’ Himalayan and Epsom salts for a rejuvenating soak, alongside sleep-inducing teas, for a restful end to the day. The products have earned enthusiastic praise, reflecting the relevance and impact of Duncan Napier’s commitment to natural health and wellness.

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