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Tue Apr 2024

Frank’s Biscuits

In the curated selections of Top Hampers, Frank’s Biscuits stand out as a highlight, having been chosen to grace our hampers due to overwhelming customer preference. We at Top Hampers are committed to offering selections that strike a chord with our customers, and it’s clear that Frank’s Biscuits hit the mark. Their biscuits, known for their creamy, crunchy yet surprisingly light texture, especially the shortbread and butterscotch varieties, have become a must-have in our hampers. They are simply irresistible. Moreover, Frank’s foray into baking doesn’t stop at biscuits; his fruit cake is nothing short of spectacular, adding another layer of delight to our offerings.

The business took root in December 2002 when Frank, leveraging his early retirement, started his biscuit journey from his home kitchen, initially serving the local area. The demand for his biscuits soared quickly, pushing him and his wife, Lesley, to expand their operation within six months. Luckily, they didn’t have to look far for a larger space, as they were offered a spot in an industrial kitchen a short walk from their home.

The growth didn’t stop there. Within a year, they outgrew the shared space and moved into their own unit on the same estate. This move marked a significant step in their journey, enabling them to reach customers nationwide. By April 2004, the business had grown to a point where Lesley started working full-time at the bakery, diversifying their product line with a range of cakes.

The introduction of the Butter Bite range in 2011, courtesy of Lesley’s son, James, expanded the bakery’s offerings and introduced a level of complexity even Frank was impressed by. Their commitment to quality has always been paramount, with a focus on hand-baking without preservatives and using only top-notch natural ingredients.

Now, Frank’s Biscuits supplies over 500 outlets across the UK, including farm shops, delicatessens, and garden centres, with a footprint extending to Denmark and Sweden. Their move to new premises in November 2015 has enabled them to better serve their customers, whether they’re buying a single pack or in bulk.

The story of Frank’s Biscuits is deeply personal, emanating from the family’s original oat biscuit recipe. This recipe, a family favourite baked in their farmhouse kitchen, not only showcased Frank’s baking skills but also became a symbol of his affection when he and Lesley were dating. The popularity of this biscuit among friends, family, and colleagues eventually led to the suggestion that Frank and Lesley consider turning this passion into a business—a suggestion that has since evolved into a thriving enterprise, and a key reason Top Hampers is proud to feature Frank’s Biscuits in our hampers, ensuring each one offers a taste of home-baked perfection.

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