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Tue Apr 2024

Freshly Spiced

In February 2016, a fervour for cooking, fitness, and the exploration of new cuisines evolved from a hobby into Freshly Spiced, a thriving business founded by Tom and his wife, Claire. This enterprise sprang from their ambition to supply high-quality, vibrant spices and blends, accompanied by straightforward recipes, to forge a distinctive assortment of recipe kits. Central to Freshly Spiced’s ethos is the commitment to offering spices and blends that are toasted and ground in small batches, ensuring freshness and an enhanced aroma. Their dedication to natural, additive-free products is evident in their selection of spices, which are packaged in BRC accredited re-sealable pouches to maintain their potency by shielding them from light, air, and heat.

Freshly Spiced has been lauded for its excellence, securing 5 Great Taste awards and presenting over 30 World Flavour Spice Blends. Along with the spices, they provide access to more than 100 complimentary recipes via their website and YouTube channel, fostering a community of food enthusiasts on their culinary journeys.

Top Hampers, recognising the exceptional quality and ethos of Freshly Spiced, includes their vegetarian, vegan, and BBQ spice sets within its gourmet hampers. These selections are integral to Top Hampers’ mission of delivering an authentic and opulent culinary experience. We also give you the option to integrate Freshly Spiced’s offerings into bespoke hampers (as you can any of 0ur products) or add them at checkout if you have gone down the themed hamper route but not chosen a gourmet hamper. So you can, for example choose a fitness hamper yet still add the spices, or indeed any other products, at checkout. Top Hampers share Freshly Spiced’s values of quality and innovation, making each gift basket an opportunity for exploration and pleasure.

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