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Tue Apr 2024

Calder’s kitchen

At Top Hampers, we’re proud to feature Calder’s Kitchen’s exceptional products in our gift baskets, a choice inspired by the heartwarming legacy of Andrew’s Grandad Charlie. Calder’s Kitchen traces its roots back to a beloved family recipe for traditional Piccalilli, discovered among Grandad Charlie’s handwritten notes. Hailing from South Shields, Tyne & Wear, Charlie was a connoisseur of homegrown vegetables, crafting his piccalilli with the same love and dedication that saw him through a lifetime of nurturing his garden and his family.

The story of Calder’s Kitchen is one of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and the enduring bond of family. Founded in 2015 by Andrew Calder, the business blossomed from a single, treasured recipe into a renowned producer of pickles and chutneys, all of which are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Their journey from farmers markets to supplying cafes, restaurants, and shops across the country is a testament to the quality and appeal of their products. Each jar encapsulates not just the flavours but the history and memories of Charlie’s kitchen, from the meticulous process of making piccalilli to the values and traditions passed down through generations.

Charlie, a milkman by profession and a cook at heart, imbued every jar with a lifetime of experiences, from his service in the army to his love for untameable horses. His piccalilli was more than just a condiment; it was a piece of heritage, flavoured with stories of family dinners, late-night talks over beer, and the unwavering spirit of the North East. It’s this rich backdrop that makes Calder’s Kitchen’s offerings more than just ingredients in our hampers; they’re gateways to a story, a connection to a legacy of quality, love, and community.

In celebrating Calder’s Kitchen, we at Top Hampers are not just sharing exceptional tastes; we’re inviting you into a narrative woven with dedication, history, and the kind of authenticity that turns a simple meal into a memorable experience. Their Great Taste Awards and recognition across the food and drink industry speak volumes, but it’s the personal touch, the story of Grandad Charlie and the Calder family, that truly sets them apart. This is why we choose Calder’s Kitchen for our gift baskets, for the remarkable flavours and the stories that bring people together, making every occasion special.

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