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The Diabolical Gift Company

Top Hampers takes great pride in assembling a diverse array of gifts, bridging the gap between the exquisite craftsmanship of U.K. manufacturers and the playful, sometimes provocative edge that some occasions call for. In this vein, The Diabolical Gift Company emerges as a key contributor to our eclectic assortment. Known for its bold and humorous […]


Top Hampers has a knack for picking out the best for their themed hampers, and Sophos is part of the lineup. Sophos, with its roots going back to 1886, has evolved from its origins as an integral component of Lambournes Company, known for supplying spats, braces, and studs to the elite, into a family-run business […]

Peper Harow

PeperHarow, established in 2013, epitomises British sophistication, supplying a global clientele with superior-quality socks, luxurious accessories, and distinguished gifts. With its distinctive, stylish designs, the brand caters to the contemporary tastes of both men and women. Taking its name from a Surrey parish renowned for its cricket heritage since 1727, PeperHarow is infused with the […]

Boxer Gifts

Boxer Gifts, a pioneering company in the realm of giftware, is celebrated for its commitment to designing unique, innovative, and high-quality gifts. With a keen focus on delivering items that stand out, they aim to infuse every product with excitement, uniqueness, and a touch of quirkiness. Founded in 1982, Boxer set off on its mission […]