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Freshly Spiced

In February 2016, a fervour for cooking, fitness, and the exploration of new cuisines evolved from a hobby into Freshly Spiced, a thriving business founded by Tom and his wife, Claire. This enterprise sprang from their ambition to supply high-quality, vibrant spices and blends, accompanied by straightforward recipes, to forge a distinctive assortment of recipe […]

Burren Balsamics

Top Hampers is delighted to feature the exceptional range of Burren Balsamics within its gourmet hampers, as well as incorporating them into some of our themed baskets, with these premium condiments always available in our bespoke hampers. This selection caters to the refined tastes of our clients, offering them an unparalleled quality and uniqueness. Founded […]

Calder’s kitchen

At Top Hampers, we’re proud to feature Calder’s Kitchen’s exceptional products in our gift baskets, a choice inspired by the heartwarming legacy of Andrew’s Grandad Charlie. Calder’s Kitchen traces its roots back to a beloved family recipe for traditional Piccalilli, discovered among Grandad Charlie’s handwritten notes. Hailing from South Shields, Tyne & Wear, Charlie was […]

Frank’s Biscuits

In the curated selections of Top Hampers, Frank’s Biscuits stand out as a highlight, having been chosen to grace our hampers due to overwhelming customer preference. We at Top Hampers are committed to offering selections that strike a chord with our customers, and it’s clear that Frank’s Biscuits hit the mark. Their biscuits, known for […]

Choc on Choc

n 2003, the unique story of Choc on Choc unfolded in a picturesque village close to Bath, with the father-daughter duo Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton at its helm. Kerr, an inventor celebrated for his 1980s creation, the hedgehog boot wiper, and Flo, freshly graduated, ventured into chocolate craftsmanship as a whimsical experiment. Their initial […]