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The Whiskey Tin | Standard Kit

The Whiskey Tin is your essential kit for crafting classic whiskey cocktails, complete with unique ingredients and recipes for the perfect home mixology experience.

Uncover the secrets of classic whiskey cocktails with The Whiskey Tin, a comprehensive kit designed for enthusiasts looking to master the art of mixology. This standard set comes complete with recipes and all the necessary ingredients to craft a smokey buck, a whiskey sour, and an old fashioned. Included in the tin are a recipe card with easy-to-follow instructions, dried citrus slices for garnish, a versatile cocktail spoon with a muddler, balsamic sugar to add a unique twist, and handmade Irish Linen coasters for a touch of elegance. Plus, a bottle of Irish Peat Smoked White condiment of Modena adds a distinctive flavor to your creations. Elevate your home bar and impress your guests with perfectly mixed whiskey cocktails.

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