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The Mixologist Tin | Standard Kit

The Mixologist Tin equips you with everything needed to mix up an Irish Cherry Old Fashioned, Blood Orange Gin Fizz, and Citrus Mojito, perfect for aspiring bartenders.

Dive into the art of mixology with The Mixologist Tin, your all-in-one kit for crafting exquisite cocktails at home. This standard set provides you with the recipes and ingredients necessary to concoct an Irish Cherry Old Fashioned, a Blood Orange Gin Fizz, and a Citrus Mojito. Included are a recipe card with detailed instructions, dried citrus slices for garnishing, a cocktail spoon with a muddler for mixing, balsamic sugar for a unique twist, handmade Irish Linen coasters for serving, and three specially infused condiments of Modena to elevate each drink. Unleash your inner bartender and impress guests with your cocktail-making prowess.

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