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Speick Men’s Shaving Cream

Enjoy a gentle shave with Speick Men’s Shaving Cream, crafted with real beeswax and relaxing lavender oil for a rich lather and refreshing fragrance. Dermatologically tested and free of preservatives and mineral oil-based ingredients.

Experience a gentle shave with the classic Speick Men's Shaving Cream, known for its exceptional smoothness and mother-of-pearl sheen achieved through a 12-week maturing process. This cream produces a rich, creamy lather with a refreshing fragrance using even the smallest amount. Enriched with real beeswax and relaxing lavender oil, this shaving cream is free of preservatives, mineral oil-based ingredients, gluten, and lactose. Dermatologically and allergologically tested for a soothing and high-quality shaving experience.

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