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Goodbye Present: ‘Sorry You’re Leaving’ Tea Giftset

Express your fond farewell with our “Sorry You’re Leaving” Tea Giftset, featuring heartfelt messages and a variety of tea flavors, perfect for a departing colleague.

Say a heartfelt goodbye to a valued colleague or team member with our "Sorry You're Leaving" Tea Giftset. This thoughtful collection includes 8 teabags, each individually wrapped in handcrafted sewn paper envelopes adorned with messages of farewell and appreciation. Crafted to convey "we'll miss you," this giftset is a warm and personal way to express your gratitude to someone embarking on a new journey. With flavor options like English Breakfast, Tetley's Tea, and a diverse selection of Earl Grey, Rooibos, Chamomile, Pure Green Tea, Peppermint, and Berry, each envelope comes with a flavor tag for a memorable taste experience. Elegantly presented in a card box with a clear window, it's the perfect gesture to show how much they'll be missed.

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