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Mr Fisher's Fish Skins | Natural Dog Treats | Rescue Center

Treat your dog to Mr Fisher's Fish Skins, rich in omega 3 for joint mobility and brain development. With every purchase, we donate treats to a rescue center.

Whitefish Jerky | Dog Chews & Treats | Plastic Free Eco Pack

Spoil your pet with our Whitefish Jerky, made from 100% fish skins. Rich in omega-3, hypoallergenic, and sustainably sourced, these chewy treats are perfect for your furry friend's enjoyment.

2 Knot Pulley | Dog Natural Cotton Rope Toy

The 2 Knot Pulley, a handcrafted natural cotton dog rope toy, perfect for tug of war, cleans teeth, and is eco-friendly, made in Britain.

Dog Gift - All you need is Love (and Dogs) - Fridge Magnet

Showcase your love for dogs with our "All you need is Love (and Dogs)" Fridge Magnet, a high-quality and eco-conscious gift, perfectly presented for easy display.

Lil Scamps Value Pack | Healthy Dog Treats | Rescue Donation

Treat your dog to Lil Scamps Value Pack, rich in protein and omega 3. With every purchase, we donate treats to a rescue center.

Fish Skin Fingers | Additive Free Dog Treats and Chews

100% natural Fish Skin Fingers dog treats, rich in omega-3 and free from additives, perfect for healthy, hypoallergenic snacking.

Professional Dog Spray Cologne (100ml)

Especially formulated to freshen and perfume your pet's coat. Providing a scent that will leave your pet smelling fantastic!

Scented Grooming Compostable Wipes for dogs

Keep your dog clean and fresh with these scented compostable grooming wipes.

Lickable Mat for Pets

Keep your pets entertained and promote slower eating with the lickable mat for pets.

Small Bite Soft Bone for Dogs

Treat your dog with the small bite soft bone, perfect for easy chewing and dental health.

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