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Baby Powder Medium Jar

The Baby Powder Medium Jar candle offers a fresh, comforting scent of baby powder with notes of geranium and ylang ylang, perfect for 50-70 hours of soothing fragrance.

Embrace the comforting essence of our Baby Powder Medium Jar candle, a scent that evokes the pure and gentle aroma of baby powder, enriched with a geranium and ylang ylang top note. This candle's heart unfolds with a dominant baby powder accord, harmoniously blended with subtle rose notes, creating a fresh, nurturing atmosphere. Housed in a reusable Medium Single Wick Jar, this candle is not just an olfactory delight but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space. Our signature wax blend is designed for extended burn times and enhanced fragrance throw, ensuring a clean, satisfying experience. Equipped with cotton, lead-free wicks and aluminium burn stops, we've crafted this candle to offer hours of consistent, quality fragrance. By trimming the wick before each use, you'll experience the delightful brightness and amazing aroma of our white wax candles, offering 50-70 hours of comforting fragrance.

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