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Chipstone Bracelet – Opalite

Embrace the captivating light of our Opalite Chipstone Bracelet, a perfect blend of style and emotional healing, ready to enchant any wrist and enhance your store’s selection.

Illuminate your wrist with the ethereal glow of our Chipstone Bracelet - Opalite. This popular wholesale bracelet is artfully crafted from polished opalite gemstone chips, strung on a durable elastic thread for a perfect fit on any wrist. Known for its captivating play of light, opalite promotes emotional balance and healing, making this bracelet not just a stylish accessory but also a tool for well-being. Sold in a pack of 12, these bracelets are a must-have for your store, offering your customers both beauty and holistic benefits. Add these stunning Chip Stone Bracelets to your collection and watch them become a fast favorite among your clientele.

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