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Abalone Shell

The Abalone Shell, a natural and polished piece for elegant home decor, meditation, and smudging rituals, with unique variations in each shell.

Dive into the natural beauty of the Abalone Shell, a stunning piece from the depths of the sea, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. These marine gastropod mollusc shells feature a mesmerizing low spiral design, complete with respiratory pores along their edges. Ideal for smudging rituals with its flame-proof qualities, each shell is polished and heat-sealed with resin to enhance and protect its vibrant hues. As creations of nature, expect each shell to boast its own unique variations in color, pattern, and size. The rough, yet strikingly beautiful, outer hull ensures durability, while its natural rainbow colors breathe life and vitality into any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it serves as a meditation burning tray, ideal for relaxing the body, cleansing negative energy, and maintaining a fragrant ambiance with incense, palo santo, or white sage.

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