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Our Journey: How Thoughtful Gifting Became Our Passion

Our story began with a family of entrepreneurs. We came cross a unique opportunity to work together, inspired by our shared love for celebrating special moments. From significant birthdays and exam successes, to business milestones, and anniversaries, we’ve always bonded over these joyful times. Thoughtful gifts have played a central role in our celebrations, bringing us countless memories of surprises and fun. 

The Inspiration Behind Top Hampers

The idea for Top Hampers was cemented when we received one too many well-intended thank you gifts that missed the mark. Whether it was poorly packaged items, a dead plant, broken biscuits, or food that wasn’t to our taste, these gifts failed to reflect the sender’s true intentions. 

We knew there had to be a better way to express thanks and appreciation. This realisation spurred us to develop Top Hampers, creating a solution that ensures every gift is thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented.

Customised Gifting: Tailored to Perfection

Beyond our signature hamper selections, Top Hampers embraces versatility in gifting. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of traditional wicker baskets, the sleek presentation of boxes, the eco-friendly charm of re-usable bags, or the simplicity of single or dual item gifts, our range caters to every preference.

For those seeking something truly bespoke, no request is too ambitious for us. Our goal is to become your go-to destination for thoughtful and impeccably curated gifts, simplifying the art of giving. With Top Hampers, finding the perfect gesture of appreciation is effortlessly within reach.

Our hampers transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories.

Millie Izzy Jamie

Passionate & Dedicated Family Run Business

At the core of Top Hampers is a devoted and enthusiastic family venture, led by a mother, her two daughters, and one of her two sons with indispensable support from the other son. This tight-knit family brings a personal touch to every hamper, embedding values of quality, customisation, and genuine care into the business.

As a family-run business, the team at Top Hampers (which includes dedicated friends as well as family) understand the significance of connections, and the role that thoughtful gifting can play in fostering those relationships. Each hamper is infused with a sense of the family’s warmth and dedication.Our motto is ‘Good enough is NEVER good enough’ and we seek always to exceed expectations.

Quality and Care: The Heart of our Hampers

At Top Hampers, our essence is defined by quality, thoughtful, and personalised contents that guarantee to put a smile on someone’s face. We select our suppliers with meticulous care, ensuring that wherever possible, products are tested to meet our high standards. Our commitment extends to partnering with suppliers who share our core values of excellence, care, and honesty. This approach not only enriches the quality of our hampers but also fosters a community of suppliers united by a common goal: to deliver joy and satisfaction through every gift.

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